Bio - Marni Galef

Marni Galef is the owner of Ivener Design Group, which she founded after accumulating valuable experience as a designer in advertising, as well as an art buyer for Chiat Day.

Marni is a graduate of the Claremont Colleges and University of California at Los Angeles School of Visual Arts. “I come from a traditional art background with deep experience in color and three-dimensional design, which I believe sets me apart from most other commercial designers”.

Ivener Design Group uses the latest in graphics technology to produce the most sophisticated product currently available. “Integrating computer graphics is just the latest medium for me to work with. It vastly extends the spectrum of graphic effects that are possible. I enjoy this work because it offers me a creative environment and allows me to utilize my design and fine arts background.”

Marni is not just a designer but a gifted marketer, as well. Her strong, disciplined organizational skills assure you an on-time and on-budget project.

IDG clients have included a wide-range of businesses and professionals. Marni belongs to the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and the Montana Avenue Merchant’s Association. She is also involved philanthropically with MOCA, the Venice Family Clinic and Smart Beginnings/Easy Preventions.

A native Californian, Marni lives in Pacific Palisades with her husband, three sons and two cats.

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Marni Galef - Owner of Ivener Design Group
Marni Galef - Owner of Ivener Design Group